A day in the life with Marco the Green Cheek.
What it’s like.
General Bird Set up.
And some little tips and tricks along the way.

    11 replies to "What is it like to live with a Green Cheek – Guide to Green Cheek Conure Behavior"

    • Ellie

      So cute and just so relaxing! Love ur videos! We have not started any trick training but i'm def gonna do ur teach him to put the coin in the piggy bank video hehe!

    • Ellie Burrows

      Aww so cute! Unfortunately my conure passed away yesterday from pdd.

    • KP LLC

      My conure attacks most things I am working with spray bottles, tongs, random objects. Sometimes he gets carried away and bites me in the process.

    • Nitrile7

      Soooo,… just fruit and pellets?,……. no seed?

    • meg's utube

      I rescued a 2.5 year-old Pinapple Green Cheek Conure. I love your relationship with him. It looks like he has food available all day. How do you trick train him if he's not hungry. My bird has no interest in treats. What do you use for a training treat? How old is Marco? How long have you had him? Thanks!

    • NotScorpi

      i have the same bird 😀 subbed and liked!

    • Abe

      That's alotta wine

    • hem ha

      ❤️💜❤️Jus love to watch this!! Please share how make them speak. I'm also having the same green cheek conure & I love her !!! 😍

    • King Lunarchy

      Aww! I've had my green cheek for 10 years and I WISH I had this channel when I first got her lol
      (Also, side note, your house is GORGEOUS.)

    • Cricket Bee78

      Wow! How special and cute💝👍😁

    • Armando Saldanamora

      So well behaved! Ours is an absolute demon. I kid you not, he gets into places that we can't reach and the only way to get him out is to play heavy metal music backwards (I'm not even joking). We literally have to exorcise him.

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