We blocked Trello’s access to his favorite corner, and he still tries to get to it.

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    4 replies to "Trello Tries to Outsmart the Humans (Green Cheek Conure)"

    • Carol Hartley

      Hi, so glad your back, I love watching Trello, his personality is similar to Jake's, and as you and i know they all have their own personality, but yeah, our birds have a lot in common, good stuff, keep it coming when you can in these tough times!♥️🤣👍

    • ali nutza

      i like the way he's acting 😏😍🤗

    • DrabProgram

      Im probaly gonna get a GCC soon, my chickens are making rats come into my backyard.
      Do they like dogs?
      Can they eat peanut butter?
      Are they gonna destroy my ears?

    • Remod NC

      I really enjoy your adventures with Trello! Hoping to get a GC soon.

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