My baby Sweetheart enjoying a warm bath

    10 replies to "Sweetheart sun conure taking a bath"

    • CORE zone

      Birb videos, best videos.
      That's just cute, and nice. ^v^

    • Rosane Palmer

      Pouca água….

    • kameko

      YESSS. giving a burby a bath correctly

    • celestialskye1

      You have no idea how this video and your beautiful Sun Conure made me happy.
      My Cosmo (also a Sun Conure) passed away in November after 30 years and I've been heartbroken and grieving since 💔😢
      I wish you would have more.

    • David Villalobos

      How cute the bird taking a bath

    • kingcrimson234

      Gorgeous bird!

    • Phuong Linh. Thu Giang

      wow! my monk and Po the love bỉd parrot never likes taking a bath

    • kroakie4

      He was doing a happy dance he was so excited! 😆 What a cutie!!

    • Elena Vasilevskas

      Me when my sun conure never wants to take a bath ;-;

    • CerealBowlby

      He was really excited to get in and I find that to be precious

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