8 replies to "Parrot Tricks: Training With My Green Cheek Conure"

    • Carla Flaute

      These guys are extremely smart and they want to be involved with the family especially their mom or dad and believe me they absolutely always have a favorite hooman!!!! I know the person who posted this content is aware but There are many types of Green cheek conures such as the whiz on video is a true Green cheek conjure, My Leo is a Pineapple green cheek conure, Blue throated course, a Turquoise conure, sun conure, etc….Actually all birds are smart w/huge personalities so never over look a bird because their little brains definitely won’t over look you😮!!!

    • Harley KRISHN

      nice reverse video

    • MaxStone

      Hey it’s ari you from jaiden animation she has a green cheek Conure

    • wajihiscool

      It's soo cute

    • bombastic side eye

      I have 2 of those one girl and one boy

    • John Morris

      Is yours a green goner

    • John Morris

      It looks like my bird too

    • Weird 😒

      Awww it’s looks just like my bird

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