Outdoor free flight training of conure step by step | Baby to free flight | Pineapple conure..

This Channel is all about showcasing one of our hobby which is Petting Animals and now in this video we will tell you 6 easy steps to follow to free fly your lovely pet bird indoor & outdoor.

How to hand feed conure babies: https://youtu.be/yQj_dtXAxv8

Personal Details:
Name- Aswath & Prathiba.
Aviary Name- ASPR Aviary.
Current Location- Bangalore.
Phone number- 8110986879.
About the channel- Hi all. Welcome to our channel “Home & Hobbies”. This is Aswath and Prathiba have cordially started this channel to showcase you all, what we do in our free time, which will be mainly focused on one of our hobbies “Petting animals”. Kindly support us by subscribing our channel & sharing our videos. Have a great day…..

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18 thoughts on “Outdoor free flight training of conure step by step | Baby to free flight | Pineapple conure..”

  1. Nice video but the birds have really really small cages especially the really small one you put your bird in

  2. Great video helped a lot! i had a doubt if the bird is trained to come to you when u have food, will it also come to once u dont have food in your hands specifically when it starts flying

  3. Hi brother.. I need a pinapple conure redfactor chick.. please let me know if you have one

  4. Bro I bought a 3.5 month old pineapple Conure 3 weeks ago… it was tamed before I got it. I allow my bird to free fly in my room. It plays well with everyone at home and always like to stay on my shoulder or my daughter’s shoulder. I want my bird to go to cage on its own. And at what age I can try outdoor free flight?

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