5 replies to "Meet Munchies Our Green Cheek Conuređź’š"

    • Lou Lou Lewis

      I love your new pet how sweet love youll merry christmas and God bless louise lewis in joshua texas

    • piperjo99

      Ruby was completely beside herself with excitement lol. Munchies really seems laid back. <3

    • Karazee Krafter Debbie

      I also have a green cheek conure, her name is Cuddles…..at least I say she's a girl. She has learned to say pretty girl, and mimics the house alarm! She is so lovable, and loves to sit on my shoulder. She also cuddles with my small dog, and my cat! They make such great companions!

    • Beth Allan

      What a sweet addition to your family

    • Janet teders

      thats a cutie . your grandchildren are bless to have you and you for them. love your diys. you have beautiful girls to. love how birds sing in the morning. is that a parrot?

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