MEET MY FLOCK! I hope you guys enjoy getting to know my birds and their stories a little better!

Violet’s Story:

💙Bluebell – blue budgie
💛Ducky – lutino cockatiel
💚Kermit – yellow-sided green cheek conure
💖Pearl – albino budgie
💜Violet – blue budgie

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    23 replies to "MEET ALL MY BIRDS!! *Get to Know the Flock*"

    • Emily Bailey

      Someone please help me! My bird has a very small table top cage, lives of an all seed diet, there is no avian vet where we live, he has only dowel perches and my parents are willing to do nothing about it! It is so sad, i would really appreciate if anyone has any advice for convincing my parents to help me. Thanks so much!

    • Inferno

      Can you do a video about all your birds tricks please

    • lali gull

      Ur birds are so cute

      Please upload mmmmmoooorrrreeee videos


      I love your channel so much

    • Jessica Abuya

      3 questions….
      1. When the budgies follow you out of the bird room, or when you bring them with you, do they ever fly around the house or..?
      2. I'm ashamed to say this but I've neglected my budgies for a year, and during quarantine, I wanna start taking good care of them and train them, so do you have any tips for training because they are scared of me.
      3. How long did it take you to train your budgies?

    • Marie Fuglsang

      I have a question. When i got my bird it wasn’t from a pet store. I got him from a farm. That means that i just can train him to step up. But there is no pet store here in Denmark that has trained birds. And are trained birds expensive (just the bird not Cage)

    • Little Twig

      I just got a green cheek conure can you give me some advice his name is Majora

    • Fractured Chaos

      You my friend earned a sub cause I been getting a bit attracted to birds 🥺🤗

    • Kyleigh B

      You were my number 1 when doing research before getting my bird and thankfully now I have my cute lil cockatiel Sugar though she is on a seed diet at the moment until we can get the proper foods and I'm still trying to get her to eat veggies

    • Nasa Wildcraft

      Now that I think about it..

      What do you use to edit? It looks like KineMaster lol
      Also, should I start a Birb channel for my lutino buddy?

    • Daniel Aguerro

      Drop a bird song

    • irma trinidad

      Hi! Im watching your vids for about 2 months now, what's your thoughts about handfeeding? Do you plan to handfeed someday?

    • Janelly Ramirez

      Thanks so much for helping me I’m a beginner and i was doing some stuff wrong and now I’m kidda like you but just need a bigger cage and get them right food but I’m getting that stuff soon 😊💞

    • Monkeyboy 2.0

      My female cockatiel is very aggressive towards females such as my mum and sister, but is relaxed and calm with my dad and I. My cockatiel is always out of its cage and is always around all of the household. What is the cause of this and how do I fix it?

    • Joeta's creations

      I love kermit 🙂

    • Arlette Gamboa

      Can a budgie be in the same cage as a conure can you please answer

    • Think awesome

      Wow you are amazing , here before 5 k you have grow so much what's your tips to growing on youtube

    • Rio the parakeet!

      I subbed to u on all 3 of my accounts!
      By the way subscribe to my channel!
      I have an adorable budgie named Rio! I'm also gonna get a female in a few days!

    • Sophie _123

      My cocktail hisses at me and bite me what do I do I got here this Monday and she/he is 6 month old

    • Slycun


    • Ortiz Izardui

      I just love the editing in this video 😌😂

    • Mirian

      How many birds do you keep in one cage?
      Btw I love your babies ❤️ and your channel is so helpful

    • Rachid Takieddine

      Pearl is 100% a male budgie

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