In this video we had discussed about hownto train the bird from the chicks and also a small update of our sun conure chicks, watch the video till the end…

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Thank you for watching♥️ Happy breeding✌️

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    27 replies to "How to train the birds | Sun conure | Tamil"

    • Vignesh Vetrivel

      Anna ple ple ple ple one pare slung Anna

    • Fazil

      Bro I got chick only whn I get it was around 20 days now it's ter with me aroung 15 days , still it's not trusting me while I call to eat

    • Mohamed Raizan

      How much u bought this when it was chicks?


      Bro I having one pineapple conure hand feeding chick 25 days old it is all ways shouting why bro

    • Umme Habiba

      This bird price ??

    • Shanaz Banu

      Thanks Anna 😊

    • Jay

      Bro love birds hand

    • Kavita Vijay

      I also hv suncorune as my pet…only 1❤️thanks for more info


      Bro intha bird price enna bro

    • Furkhantaha Furkhantaha

      Useful massage for me thanks bro

    • Ravi Raj

      Free flight pannuma bro!?

    • vellso status status

      Bro where we by a chick

    • Ruben J

      Bro did u buy the conure sun handfeeding chicks at the same time pair

    • Leela Venkataramani

      Nice birds rakkai cut Seyyanuma valaravalra sollunga outdoor Kondupoy parakka Vidalama single la valarkkalama

    • kayal akilan

      Anna adult age erukumpodu cerlec kudukkalama

    • B C F minutes

      Bro cocktail lose motion treatment and recover panrathu eppidi

    • Gobinath Gobi

      Super smile mugil

    • Pradeep Ezhumalai

      Awesome bro

    • karthik m

      Bro my sunconure pair egg vaikuthu aana damage panni veliyathalliduthu

    • S RITHU

      Super video

    • 4141 Rohith G

      bro conure ah single ah valakalamaa or pair must

    • Govind Lakshmivaradhan

      Semma man. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • prakash Oven

      Anna Sunconure handfeed chicks veanum na , uggaluku therija breeder contact kudugga na plzzz 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Parvesh Mohamed

      Bro oru doubt cockateil mate aagi ethanaal la egg vaikum bro

    • Akila Ram Prasad

      Kindly post video on small conure foods

    • mr blué

      Andha polaaa 👌✨

    • ANKITHA SOWMYA S 1710666

      Super info viewer from Bangalore

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