(How To) teach your pet bird to step up on your finger!!!!

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16 thoughts on “(How To) teach your pet bird to step up on your finger!!!!”

  1. Little tip for pick up ur bird with a stick don’t use anything smith fo out and find a strong stick the boil it

  2. how long does this normally take? cause I dont wanna force the bird to step up but hes also little, he never bites and is super nice and chill with me being around but will not step up, he does not fly away or anything he just does not want to. it's been a few days now is this normal?

  3. I didn't even have to train my Violin (aka my parrot) to step on my finger. He did it all on his own. Even the first time I tried it, he did it with no signs of fear or reticence. I would just put my finger next to his legs and he would just climb on it. I guess he trusts me that much. Besides, I never keep him locked up in his cage. He's free to fly around my room, as he pleases, since his cage is always open. He only goes there to eat or drink water. Plenty of times, he fell asleep on my shoulder. He has this cute little habit, of flying on my chest and hiding under my chin, whenever I lie down.😆 He's the best, amusing little friend, anyone could wish for. 🥰

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