Here is a video about how to introduce two birds to each other and how I introduced my two green cheek conures together! To help you introduce a new bird to your bird, I also share some tips on getting two birds to get along with each other! Introducing two birds to each other will take lots of patience and consistency because they most likely will not get along at first! Here is exactly what I did when I introduced my green cheek conures to each other and now they are best friends!

🐥My little chickens🐥
💛 Pineapple 💛: pineapple green cheek conure
💙 Pumpkin 💙: turquoise green cheek conure

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Won, Pineapple, and Pumpkin!

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    23 replies to "HOW TO INTRODUCE TWO BIRDS | Getting Two Birds to Get Along (Green Cheek Conures)"

    • TheKeerbear

      This is kinda how I got my bird and dog to be friends (I know it’s crazy)

    • L&L

      I am sure I have watched every video about conure on YouTube. No one tells me if I am supposed to feed my conure a certain portion daily, or twice a day, or just leave food in the cage all the time? Can anyone please help?

    • Frannyah Tejeda

      Where did you get the blue cage ? 🙂 I’m getting a conure soon and I loved the blue cage and how much was it ?

    • A Jan

      its exactly our case…haha…we have a rec factor pineapple chick 2 months old and yesterday introduced same age green cheek chick …they started pruning each other…is that a good sign…plz reply?

    • Saphy world

      Seeee this is what I been telling my mom😂 but since I’m 19 she’s the “Adult” but MY bird Omelet has never been with another bird and she keeps saying I should get him a friend but I need to wait and on that note everything your saying I’ve told my mom but she don’t seem to want to listen any ideas on how I can convince her to listen to me last thing I want is her to bring another bird home only for one of them to get hurt she also believes they should be immediately kept in the same cage which isn’t true I know that but mom don’t seem to listen on top I love Omelet and for her and the one day future bird my mom gets sake I need to convince her that it’s not that easy

    • BoneAppleTea

      Can you lower the volume of the background music if you don’t mind, in future vids 😁

    • Ashley Lozano

      I heard you mention leaving the new bird quarantined and once out of quarantine putting their cages together. If my first bird is out every day for most of the day do you recommend still having that much out time? I’d be unsure about my first bird crawling on the other birds cage. Also functioning around the house with the first bird while the second watches from the cage, would that be ok?

    • stary

      "If I don't like you, I'm not going to like you"
      "If you don't like me, your not going to like me"
      "But I hope you like me 😅"

    • Cassie Kelley

      I have a green cheek female and I just adopted a pair of green cheeks a male and female. Do you think it’s possible for them all 3 to get along one day?

    • snigdha pal

      You’re so awesome 🤩

    • ArrozYuwu

      Great videos, thank you

    • Moonlight Alpha

      You are the Most helpful and you actually look like you care about your birds you have PASSION u just earned a new sub

    • Tanaboon Chanaratsopon

      you deserve so much more, love your vids !

    • Ella Ariona

      Question: what if i dont get another new bird but getting two birds at the same time?

    • K-H-L-O-E-S vibes 🔫

      I love the transitions

    • alfredo Rodrigues

      I have a rosy bourke how is about 8 years old and I just got a green cheek conure how is 2 months old and they get along so well it like they knew each other before they even eat from the same bowls and they sleep neck to neck it's so adorable to see then together

    • Jlinus

      Not too sure if I should get another one. Just because I spent a lot for one large cage. So can I quarantine them for a bit before selling the second hand cage

    • Debbie daniel

      What if you get two birds at the same?

    • tine

      i have a quaker parrot and i am looking into getting a budgie. i dont know how old my quaker is, my family rescued him before i was even born, but now hes fallen into being my pet. his past owners were extremely abusive and he has been traumatized by them. the pet keeper that had him in her shop, was sobbing so hard when we bought him, because she was the only person Pudge (bird) has liked since the trauma, and she didnt except anyone to want him. now, hes very territorial, and i can feed him and give him water just fine, and he likes to climb on me and sit on me, but he does not like my hands at all. and, whenever any other person is around, he goes absolutely crazy. im and my family are very used to this, since he's always been like this, but how would he react to another bird? in the past, we had a cockatoo at the same time as the quaker, but unfortunately he passed. i dont rememeber how the acted with each other because i was very young, but i do remember that the cockatoo really liked me. anyways, sorry for the long read! i hope to get some advice 🙂

    • dxnnibear

      Do cocktails and cheeked conures get along well

    • B_

      Could you do a video on housing different species of birds?
      -budgies and crimson bellied conures
      -Cockatoos and Conures

      love your videos and birds!

    • Jimmys Jamin

      Wow thankyou so much for making this particular video im working on getting another bird into our little flock and this information is extremely important as I made horrific mistakes with my first and second conures it did not end well and I didnt understand how I went wrong but now Im finally ready to give it another try your babies are beautiful thankyou so much again ❤

    • Heavenly_H

      Very helpful video I've got a lovebird and I'm about to adopt a GCC so researching as much as I can

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