27 thoughts on “Free flight Sun Conure and Crimson Bellied Conure”

  1. With all those dogs and predatory sea birds..

    If you love your animals you ought to rethink the offleash thing.

    If a conure gets spooked or frightened by ( say a dog that can jump for frisbees and also likes birds) they head for treecover when frightened.. might be a while before they come down if they get bird spooked like only birds get

  2. What beauties 😍 I'm the mom of 4 parrots. An umbrella cockatoo, a timneh african grey and two conures.

  3. Id love to take my conures out… even if they have to stay on a harness but theres too many wild birds that would attack them here in Australia.

  4. I remember when I was a kid. Like 4-6 years old, there was a big macaw in our tree once. Not sure if he was wild or an escaped pet. We lived in south texas where there are a few wild parrots. Macaws aren’t known to be one of them though

  5. Mine didn't come back one day. He ended up in the top of a very large tree. It took over 4 hours to coax him into coming down. That's why you don't do this. It's very unsafe for your bird. Predators?

  6. I had one for years that would do the free flat thing and come back even when I whistled until it didn't

  7. Hey hun,
    I just wanna ask how they get along and if you bought them together? I have a 6yr sunny and wanted to get her a buddy. I know the red bellied behaviour is very sweet , but not sure if they would bond. Any tips? Thanks

  8. How do you keep them from flying away. My bird would always leave me and sit in a tree.

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