Rice, Grapes and … A Bowie fan…

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    • Nina Divine

      She is a girl. I have a pineapple as well that i got from a large breeder here in new mexico and the boy pineapples have a dark grey head it is a color specicfic gene. She looks very much like my scoochi. Adorable! 🙂

    • Bella Birdy

      love her….or him!

    • StonyRC

      Can you please tell me how you provide a DNA sample for sex-testing a bird. Sorry if that question is a little stupid 😉

    • Path OfEchoes

      Everybody's a Bowie fan. : D Teach her to say "Smile". lol

    • Isidora Treno

      She is very beautiful) And thank you very much for your videos, I like watching them))

    • ParrotTube14

      My Lovebird just went crazy when I was watching this. She briefly stayed with a breeder whilst I was on holiday and maybe remembered the baby Conure that was in the room with her 🙂 So cute!

    • Phyl Renshaw

      She is very pretty and attentive to the sound of your voice! Being a bird Mum is the best feeling in the world! My day revolves around my wee flock of 4!

    • cstt07

      I just lost my 7 month old PGGC this past Sunday. I am heartbroken but watching this little cutie, who could be my Lovebug's twin, makes me smile. Thank you.

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