Hi everyone!

Thanks for watching my video on Conure Sounds and Their Meanings!

This video has been highly requested and I apologise it took me a while to get it sorted. Getting all the example clips together from our birds was difficult!

I wanted to make an easy reference guide to many of the common sounds that conures make and what they generally mean. Please keep in mind, some sounds can mean multiple things, as with all parrots use this as a reference guide only. Every conure is an individual!

I also tried to include lots of clips of varying lengths to keep it interesting, and just so you can see how beautiful our conures are!

Also as I stated in the video, if your conure is showing signs of odd behaviour and you are concerned, check with a vet, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

I hope you find it useful and as always happy to reply to comments or questions!

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    23 replies to "Conure Sounds and Their Meanings | Parrot Behaviour | WarGamingParrot"

    • theonlyone522 -

      my conure makes this low noise like a hiccup and twitch back her wings at the same time, I am going to the vet in 2 days to check her out. she is only 12 weeks old.

    • Boleyn_3

      Came for the conure sounds;stayed for those paintings💕

    • Shanea Black

      My conure is 3 months old and makes a low pitched quacking noise while sitting on my shoulder. My husband says that it sounds like the noise that The Predator makes from that movie. What do you think this means?

    • Nicolas Annawn

      My conure when defiant, the male, will always move his head from left to right, hissing. I wonder for months when it came from until I realized he was actually considering the sponge on the table a "rival", showing is territory. So everytime we are cleaning up the table, he shows the cage is their own my doing this. So know, he also uses this to show to people that his cage is his own or that an item or even the chair belongs to him . It's impressive how they tend to memorize their own codes. By sister bred them, she is her a conure breeder, and the ones at my place clearly developed element of language and communication specific to them. These birds are really amazing. I like your videos they help me understand some things better and also to correct my mistakes!

    • james witcraft

      We have 3 and one loves to hiss and I do it back and she does it again it's so funny and cute.

    • L&L

      What does screech mean?

    • animeluver22113

      my green cheek doesn't make conure sounds she pretty much only makes budgie sounds.. she grew up with 2 little budgies 😁

    • C Cat

      Do only the females do the naughty sounds?

    • sot2720

      Hi there! I just got me pineapple conure and we are having hard time to communicate with each other!! He bites us when we take him out! He climbs to our shoulders bu him shelf but bites our necks non stop!! What can we to help each other?

    • Maygdhsnbd 121

      My Conure makes these quacking noises when he’s sitting in this big tree branch in our living room. Is this normal?

    • Kelvin Lim

      Hi i need some advice my pet conure keep dropping feather around its head and its keeps scratching its neck is it normal?

    • Mimthyss S

      My conure never chills out. He's always screaming for attention or because he's spooked by things easily. Its frustrating, because I don't know how to teach him that normal things are OK. Like, even seeing a certain door open sets him off .. well, ok, occasionally he relaxes, and makes his happy sounds (usually when he gets fresh food in his bowl, he sits there growling and chirping happily haha). Any ideas on how to help him..?

    • Flyingfeathers_art

      My conures start clicking to each other before all of them take off suddenly and start flying around the house/room in a flock. 😂 It’s like they are warning each other that they are about to start flying and then they all decide to fly into a new room. I think they do that because I use a treat clicker to show them that I am about to broom (they are afraid of it, but using a clicker calms them down and got them to be okay with it👍🏻)

    • The Only Girl In The Room

      My conure does the alarm call when he sees my dog in the other room peering in.

    • Le_dim

      My birds learned how to do a shhhhh sound, like a “hey, be quiet”

    • Birb

      LOL I love those paintings in the background so much!

    • Anna Martin

      everytime any birds fly over are house Are conures (Forest & Pint) start Screeching loudly… Like Very LOUD

    • Gary Hill

      what about the happy feeding sound..all our conures do it when they get fresh food and seed….like a soft happy /purring sort of sound?

    • Clare Lawrence

      Chatting and squeaking- like it when you were too shy to demonstrate. Really your video. Liked the background pictures too. Nice video

    • Nicole Borges Cordeiro

      My little bird always sings continuously for a long time with eyes closed, do you know what it means?

    • Tiffany Lea

      My GCC makes the canary sound or the ring sound. Not sure which one it is. But from one of those devices.

    • ZenHome Nathalie

      merci pour ta vidéo je crois avoir compris l'essentiel, a tu des astuce pour mettre le harnais pour la sortir au jardin ?/ thank you for your video I think I understood the essentials, do you have any tips for putting on the harness to take it out to the garden?

    • Sam I am

      Where can I get that toy that Olive loved so much!?

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