Varieties of Conure Birds

Varieties of Conure Birds

It is a video of Conure Birds
1. Sun Conure
2. Patagonian Conure
3. Janday Conure
4. Red masked Conure
5. Duskey Headed Conure
6. Crimson Bellied Conure
7. Mitred Conure
8. Peach Fronted Conure
9. Maroon bellied Conure
10. Black capped Conure
11. Pearly Conure
12. Golden Conure
13. Pyrrhura Conure
14. Orange Fronted Conure
15. Golden capped Conure
16. Ochre marked Conure
17. Brown Throated Conure
18. White eyed Conure
19. Rose Crowned Conure
20. Pineapple conure
21. Yellow Sided conure
22. Nanday Conure
23. Double red factor Pineapple conure
24. Blue Crowned Conure
25. Red factor sun Conure

Green-cheeked parakeet cute bird #shorts #greencheekedparakeet #parakeet #greencheeked #birds

Green-cheeked parakeet cute bird #shorts  #greencheekedparakeet #parakeet #greencheeked #birds

Green cheeked parakeet

The green-cheeked parakeet (Pyrrhura molinae) is a small parrot native to South America, where it can be found in parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. A fairly widespread species, population estimates are lacking; however, because it is so common and there are few signs of population decline, the population is presumed to be stable. This may change in the future, as parts of South America continue to be heavily logged, threatening its habitat. This habitat destruction could particularly impact some subspecies whose ranges are thought to be very small. Little is known about this parrot and its behavior or habits in the wild. Its diet consists largely of fruits and seeds, and it will sometimes drink nectar from flowers; for this reason, some scientists have suggested that this and other small parrots are important for pollination and seed dispersal for some trees.

While few scientific studies have been conducted on green-cheeked parakeets in the wild, they are popular in the pet trade, where they often go by the name green-cheeked conures. As with many imported parrots, green-cheeked parakeets occasionally escape from captivity. In some parts of the United States, invasive parrots have established breeding populations and may displace native species. Green-cheeked parakeets can now be found in the wild in South Florida, but it is unknown whether the population can support itself or if the continued population is dependent on accidental releases.



Parrot talking videos you never seen #Shorts

Parrot talking videos you never seen #Shorts

Parrot talking videos you never seen #Shorts
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Pyrrhura Pet Bird