Who’s ready for my first ‘ All of my Pets ‘ video!! So excited to show ya’ll my Green Cheek Conure, Quaker Parrot, Bearded Dragon and other members of my lil animal kingdom.

If you’re a member of the birb squad already, you know about Yoshi my green cheek conure and Popples my Quaker Parrot. However, I have a few other pets that I haven’t shown in my videos before! Plus, returning members that you may have seen but didn’t realize what they are 🙂

Hope you birbs enjoy this video! Even though I am mainly a parrot lover, I love all kinds of animals and enjoy all of my pets. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite and the different types of pets you have!

Hope you all have a happy and safe New Years! Lets goooooo 2019!

Love ya birbs

Why I Chose a Green Cheek Conure and Never Will Again

Why You Should NOT Rescue A Parrot and Why I Chose Not To As Well


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See ya in the next one BirbSquad 😀 beginner parrots, parrots for beginners, green cheek conure, quaker parrot, birbsquad, victoriryann #birbsquad

    15 replies to "ALL OF MY PETS 2019 | Green Cheek Conure, Quaker Parrot, Bearded Dragon, and More!!"

    • Square Triangle

      I feel the same with snakes, but I like how you handle all your animals, you're really good to them and for them and they surely feel that 😊😊

    • Lulus Pets

      Dose your rabbit have big cage because if he lives in a small bar cage that's not good and you might want to get a dog pen or free roam him for him to have lots of room to run around

    • Kathryn94

      There’s probably a DNA test out there to find out what breed/breeds are in your dog, I know there’s one for cats.

    • terzizzas contortion

      How do you find time to handle all the birds and other reptiles, or do the birds give ecahother enrichment sometimes?

    • Justine Miller

      Nice to see all your different animals. Thank you .

    • Hayley Heemsbergen

      I named my dog Luna you should name the dog rocky

    • Hinari Chan

      I have a created gecko as well her name is Yoshi I got her when she was the size of a finger and now she’s a huge chunky happy momma 🙂

    • Jeanne Okerlund

      You do have a lot of animals. I only have three and that's more than enough. A 15 year old lab, a three year old beardie and a one and a half year old green cheek yellow sided conure. That keep me busy. I don't know how you manage your bunch. They are very cute.

    • S Dalloway

      He looks like a paddy or a max. Xxx

    • S Dalloway

      Salad fingers, ha ha I know where you got that from hun. wow fabulous pets. Thanks for all your fun energetic videos, lots of love from Sasha in England. Xxxxx

    • creepy bushman

      line of the week…. "I know its the circle of life, but I ain't symba lmao!


      I normally intensely dislike comments about the appearance of the narrator, whether it's beauty, clothing or otherwise. If it has nothing to do with the subject, who cares? But, that said, I have to ask, "Are you really old enough to have children?"
      Great vifeos, by the way. Very informative and Yoshi and Popples are lucky birds.

    • Su-Chong Wedster

      You could name the dog Austin Or Maui

    • Lillian and Anna

      I love this channel ! 100% subscribed

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