If you’re reading this comment “shimmer is cancelled” for a cookie 🍪

Instagram: https://instagram.com/how.to.parrot?igshid=1hj4bhsujcv49
Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJXX7CQw/

Please do research before you get any animal….. especially green cheeks 😀

    19 replies to "5 reasons why green cheek conures SUCK"

    • Birbs

      I have an off brand bird

    • ash_ka

      Luv di content 🙂

    • Jada Mane

      You haven’t trained him right . And the screams are because you are not giving a great essence of your time too…. and if you have other birds next too each other of course they will chat loud big too small….

    • Tina Clark

      This vid was hilarious 😂

    • Ali Alhashmi

      Here from tiktok, you forced me to watch it, came because I want to buy a conure

    • Motaz 76

      He is not suck he is sooo cute 💜

    • ArT StUdiO

      Lol i saw Elle and the birds and i love kermitt he is a green cheek conure and they dont suck….

    • Maliqk Eady

      Love the editing 🤣

    • Another Bird Channel

      Can you do a day in the life video

    • noobiequeen Gonzalez

      Here before elle

    • Elizabeth Paras

      I still want one 😎

    • Gabriela Sanchez

      I just found your channel and it's great! I keep on laughing lol

    • Emily Johnson

      Hi it would mean the world if u check out my bird toys on esty it’s KarmaandEmily 🥰🥰 have a good day

    • Better for Birds

      but….. my mother doesn't even know u shimmer??? my tiel always try to nest in her food bowl

    • Estie

      Great video Kyler! Love you shimmer even if your cancelled ❤️🦜

    • Makaiya Merrill

      Uh they sound amazing… follow meh on tt cloudyandcharm

    • Olivia Cooper

      I haven’t had other birds but from what I’ve heard from friends I got pretty lucky with my Greencheek and I love her. But yes this is pretty accurate

    • Niamh Cara

      i was going to like. then i remembered you were american

    • Paul McTweety

      I have six parakeets and they all screech at once early every morning 😑their cage is right next to my bed

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