Hey Birbsquad! Back with another Green Cheek Conure video but this time its some easy signs to know whether or not your Green Cheek Conure is happy. Parrots (not just green cheek conures) give us signs all the time letting us know their many different moods whether they are happy, sad, frustrated, tired, etc. Their body lets us know everything but it’s up to us as their leaders to understand the green cheek conure body language.

Whether you are a beginner parrot owner or experienced in the field of understanding green cheek conures, we can all take a moment to try to understand and refresh our memories on how every parrot acts differently from the next. So if your green cheek conure or any other parrot of yours for that matter, reacts differently than what mine do definitely let us all know. There is always something new to learn with parrots.

Thanks so much again for checking out my videos. I hope they are helping you as well as motivates you to keep trying to understand your green cheek conure. Thank you again for being here.


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    16 replies to "5 Easy Signs To Know Your Green Cheek Conure Is Happy"

    • Jess Perry

      What are some sentences your conure can say? Mine calls himself a pretty boy 😊

    • Emily Arevalo

      Hi Victoria, i recently found your account and I know you get a lot of comments so you probably wont see mine, but I recently about like 19 days ago got a rehomed green cheeked conure who is about four years old. He is healthy but he is VERY prone to biting. He isnt fearful of me at all and the first day i went to change his food and he just climbed up on my arm and to my shoulder and didnt want off, he loves sleeping in my hair and will call for me and wants on my shoulder 24/7. But if you dont cover your ears he will bite them and he will bite your face if its too close to him so when hes close you have too look away as he once bit my lip very hard and broke skin. And he doesnt like skin so i always have to wear my hair down too cover some face and my ears and wear a sweatshirt to cover bare skin and be able to quickly pull down my sleeve to cover my hands and fingers. He also hates hands and will purposely walk to your hands and fingers too bite them, i tried to have him perch on my bare finger to see what he would do (he ran away when i had a glove on) and i put it out instead of my arm which i do usually and he stepped up and just tore it apart and went really deep and broke skin and made it bleed then stepped off and took a couple steps back. And no I didnt push my finger at him i just held it towards the end of his cage door which he was standing on to walk on like id usually do with my arm. Id really like some advice because i love him but he causes a lot of pain with those bites and i really want to get closer too him, so please take some time out of your day too maybe comment a couple tips or whatever you have time for. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

    • jorleenlove

      What happen with popples 😟

    • Nick C

      i’m so excited because i’m getting a gcc very soon to add to my flock! right now i have an african grey.

    • Meredith Brackbill

      This was so helpful! I just adopted my green cheek today and named him mango. I’m new to the world of birds, so I’m really trying hard to learn how to read his emotions.

    • Ramisha

      My parrot just died a few weeks ago at 1 year old, Ive been watching your videos since I had her :). Thanks for making these videos for owners

    • Movie Genie

      Thanks a lot for your suggestion on green cheeks.. I bought one yesterday after analysing a lot and your videos helped me a lot.. love to play with them.

    • Mudassar Shaik

      Hi Victoria! How r u doing & ur birds?

      My gcc sits on my shoulder & tries to bite on t-shirt & my neck , my hair, how can I train him to be comfortable over my shoulder ?

    • Ella Criqui

      Can you do this for qaukers?

    • Susan Kletke

      Does anyone have any ideas for me to try to keep my 4 month old GCC out of my hair? I can’t put my hair in a ponytail because when I do Skittles (my bird) gets very agitated and bites my ears..lol

    • MKlw girl

      Can u make 5 signs that your Quaker parrot is happy?



    • Forest McMillin

      Thank you for making this video! Like you said, this is one of the most important topics!

    • Miguel Andrew Tatunay

      Hi I love your videos especially about yoshi. I was planning to handfeed one I think the breeder will give it to me this July. Had experience handfeeding african lovebirds and cockatiel. Wish me luck ☺️☺️ . Thanks for the vids!!!

    • Jessie Leech

      Mr greenjeans doesn't hang upside down in his house but he hangs that way on my head.

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