All Of Our Birds!

All Of Our Birds!

Jessi shares 18+ birds in one video! Prepare for cute overload!

Gingerand Maui friendship video

Meet Ecuador

Zapper outside fun

Tika’s first video

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Top 10 Most Popular talking pet Birds | Talking Parrots

Top 10 Most Popular talking pet Birds | Talking Parrots

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Male specimens of budgerigars are considered to be one of the top five talking champions amongst parrot species, alongside the African grey, the amazon and the eclectus parrots, and the ring-necked parakeet.


Used Creative Commons Footage:
yellow crowned amazon jojo
the best of laura
Conure veuve. Embouteillage à la mangeoire.
Blue & Green Quaker parrot, Monk parakeet
Green Indian Ringneck Parakeet?
Mr Electus
Barkly & Mr Pickles – Let’s Play – Shih Tzu Puppy & Eclectus
Comet and Radar
Superhero Kids Games Chloe’ ~Talking & Singing Double Yellow-head Amazon Parrot
طير أمازون بلوفرونتد عايش في الطبيعة
A story of a blue-fronted Amazon escaping during bathing
Amazing Talking Indian Hill Mynah Bird – Can Say Kazi Bhai, Mynah, and more
Common Hill Myna talking bird
Talking Hill Myna
Yellow Naped Amazon
يلوناب طائر ببغاء Yellow-naped amazon 5
Amazing African Grey Parrot Talking, Spelling, Counting Saying all his favourite movie quotes!
In the kitchen with 3 African Greys
African grey parrot -Buddy
Gris D’Afrique Bebe Baby African Grey
African grey parrot – bath time
African Grey Parrot ; Kiwi
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