Putting Aviator Harness on Parrots in 10 Seconds!

Putting Aviator Harness on Parrots in 10 Seconds!


Aviator Harness demonstration to show how quickly and easily I can put this harness on my Senegal Parrot and Cape Parrot. It really is only a matter of seconds when the parrot knows what to do, cooperates, and even assists you by going with it. Check out the article for a bunch of tips and tricks I picked up for using the harness over the years and you can now purchase a harness from me at my Parrot Wizard store. I can even ship them internationally but you have to contact me directly for a shipping quote.


Life with a parrot – Yago the Green Cheek Conure (incl. never-seen-before parrot trick!)

Life with a parrot – Yago the Green Cheek Conure (incl. never-seen-before parrot trick!)

Yago is a happy and healthy 18 month old female Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure.

I made this video to show what our daily life with her looks like, a well trained and socialized parrot, for all of you who are considering sharing your home with a parrot.

Parrots are extremely social and intelligent animals and require a lot of attention every single day. They bond very strongly with their owners and make you a permanent part of their flock (Green Cheeks live up to 30 years!). Too often parrots are taken into a home, only to be easily abandoned when they no longer fit in, for varying reasons. If you consider bringing a parrot into your home, please consider carefully that a parrot is a life long commitment. If you do make this commitment however, you are rewarded with the best buddy and source of entertainment you could find anywhere on the planet!

ALL OF MY PETS 2019 | Green Cheek Conure, Quaker Parrot, Bearded Dragon, and More!!

ALL OF MY PETS 2019 | Green Cheek Conure, Quaker Parrot, Bearded Dragon, and More!!

Who’s ready for my first ‘ All of my Pets ‘ video!! So excited to show ya’ll my Green Cheek Conure, Quaker Parrot, Bearded Dragon and other members of my lil animal kingdom.

If you’re a member of the birb squad already, you know about Yoshi my green cheek conure and Popples my Quaker Parrot. However, I have a few other pets that I haven’t shown in my videos before! Plus, returning members that you may have seen but didn’t realize what they are πŸ™‚

Hope you birbs enjoy this video! Even though I am mainly a parrot lover, I love all kinds of animals and enjoy all of my pets. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite and the different types of pets you have!

Hope you all have a happy and safe New Years! Lets goooooo 2019!

Love ya birbs

Why I Chose a Green Cheek Conure and Never Will Again

Why You Should NOT Rescue A Parrot and Why I Chose Not To As Well


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Pyrrhura – Allow

Pyrrhura – Allow

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“Flashes of the light, they are so many trees.
The light is here and the dark will leave.
Look outside, look out the window now,
give up all your seething as the nature starts to breathe.
We, we were locked up here for such a long time and this line,
oh, forgive it now.
And the mood, oh, so low, why so low?
Could you let it go?”

Now as we drive (as we try),
the silence creeps into my ears.
I know as long as we stay hiding here,
weΒ΄ll be haunted by our fears.

Gotta go outside
Gotta change the mind
Gotta go outside
Change the state of mind
Β΄Cause the spring is here,
look outside!

Sing this song, now I know it
Lit up now, try to solve it
Let the light, let it lead you
I think itΒ΄s time to forgive you…

Pyrrhura Pet Bird