11 Fun Facts About Conures!

In this video, I share 11 of the coolest and most fun facts I found about conures/parakeets/parrots! Want to learn something new about your bird? Check out this video!

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15 thoughts on “11 Fun Facts About Conures!”

  1. I just got my sun face baby and I’m so in love. Your videos help so much ❤❤❤❤

  2. I have two budgies Lemon and Blueberry that are absolutely adorable when they're being naughty. They're currently shredding a tp role tube making a huge mess under their play gym lol. I love these little birbs. ❤️

    Someday I'd like to expand my flock to include a green cheek conure or two perhaps so I'm researching up on them too. In anyone's experience with these birds, would you recommend always getting them in pairs, or is it fine to have just one bird to bond with? Keeping budgies I've always kept multiple because they're just so social and prefer their flock with other budgies. I just don't want him to feel sad or lonely if I get a green cheek in the future. Someone help she'd some light on this is much appreciated. 🥺

  3. It’s depressing that the reason why they are endangered is because people get them as pets… leave them in the wild!!!

  4. My parrotlet doesn’t use her foot to eat but she uses my sun cheek’s foot to eat from. LOL

  5. my turquoise cheeked conure likes to say, "What are you doing?" and "I am your baby bird."

  6. I have 2 yellowsided green cheek conures named Rudy and Kirby. Kirby is a year younger than Rudy and mocks Rudy with his whistles.

  7. I am not a bird person, but I was gifted a Cinnamon Green Cheek. I got Mango a week ago and I’m so excited to bond and learn from him. I’ve been watching videos to learn from the experts and came across your channel. Great videos!

  8. I have a sun Conure and he just turned a year old. He mimics what happened and what’s up in Spanish also mimics my sneezes.

  9. I have a Sun Conure. Her name is Willow and will be a year old in September. I literally had no idea that suns were endangered. She is a weirdo, says her name, up up and what what. But she mimics me when I do beeps sounds. Lol

  10. I have a Pineapple Conure named Louie – but I mostly call him Buddy. He has some curious behaviors for sure. He dances around my Keurig with his tail feathers spread out when I make coffee in the morning. He can say 'Hey Cutie! and usually says that when I take him out of his cage in the morning. He's a GREAT companion as I live alone but I work from home so he gets a lot of attention. He was quite nippy when I first got him about a year ago, but he is slowly outgrowing that. Love your videos!!!

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